Private Mailboxes in Box Hill - Receive your Items Any Time

Private Mailboxes in Box Hill - Receive your Items Any Time

Why Rent Private Mailboxes?

Printing & More offers a range of packages featuring affordable mailbox prices. Even the budget option will get you a service which is:

  • Ever-ready: receiving and signing for every package, so you don’t need to lift a finger.
  • Easy and convenient: why not set up forward mailing services from your mailbox so that you don’t need to monitor the process?
  • Powerfully promoting your business: increase customer confidence through your new real street address.

Mailboxes - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes a mailbox a better choice than a PO box or similar?

A. The advantage of a mailbox over a PO box is, firstly, that the former is staffed 24 hours a day, every day. Any item can be signed for, regardless of what time it arrives – and, of course, it doesn’t matter what courier service is providing the delivery. Printing & More functions as a DX mail service hub, and accepts items from all courier companies.

Q. Is a virtual address best for a home or online business?

A. These types of companies represent most of our clients, but a whole host of both private individuals and larger companies also use our mailboxes for rent. Having a professional-sounding, prestigious address can be a great asset for people and businesses in all walks of life.

Q. Do I need to always come in and pick up my mail regularly?

A. We actually offer virtual mail forwarding, so any items that arrive in your virtual mailbox – including those that are signed for – can be automatically sent on to your actual home or business address.