Increase Customer Confidence With a Real Virtual Office

Increase Customer Confidence With a Real Virtual Office

Why Even the Cheapest Virtual Office Will Boost Your Business:

  • Your virtual mailbox comes with a real street address which lets customers know they can count on your brand
  • Professional telephone answering gives the appearance of a much larger operation, or provides a handy administration alternative
  • All mail will be signed for, no matter what time it arrives or by what carrier
  • Your virtual office works as a DX mail service hub

Frequently Asked Questions About Mailboxes and a Virtual Address

Q. Is my virtual receptionist a real person?

A. Yes! Though “virtual” can easily feel like it implies a computer is doing the work, any phone calls received by your virtual office will be taken by a live receptionist who’ll be able to answer questions with the information you’ve given them. Added to the real street address provided by mailboxes, this combination works most effectively in giving small or online businesses some real professional impact.

Q. Can I set up virtual office mail forwarding?

A. Yes – in fact, we highly recommend that you do. A forward mailing service will mean that any and all parcels and documents that arrive at your virtual office address will be automatically forwarded on to you, without the need for you to regularly visit your local store.