International & Interstate Couriers, Shipping - Everything You Need

International & Interstate Couriers, Shipping - Everything You Need

Send an item to the next street. The next state. Or anywhere in the world.

Printing & More works with all the top international and interstate couriers so you always get the best value on the shipment you need to send. Whether it’s a courier from Melbourne to Brisbane, or to Barbados! Need to arrange the movement of larger consignments?

Printing & More also provides full shipping services, with ways to get freight from Melbourne to Perth, shipping from Melbourne to Sydney – as well as to a huge number of immensely popular local, national, and international destinations. We’ll always find the ultimate shipping or courier company for you.

Shipping From Melbourne to Perth - And to All Worldwide Destinations

Q. Can I book an overnight service?

A. Almost certainly. We partner with many companies who offer themselves as same day couriers. Whether you need a courier from Melbourne to Sydney or to Cyprus, we’ll always work with you to build the best delivery in terms of time taken as well as budget.

Q. What if instead of a courier, I need to ship a whole lot of freight from Melbourne to Canberra, for instance?

A. No problem. Because of the range and number of partners that we have, the size of package or number and regularity of shipments you need to arrange isn’t an issue. We’ll always get you the best deal available.

Q. What factors will you consider when choosing my partner courier?

A. Let’s take the example of a courier from Melbourne to Adelaide. There will be several companies who offer this kind of service. To select the one that’s best for you we’ll consider the timeframe you want for delivery, the nature of your consignment, and the budget you have in mind, amongst other factors.